A Day in the life of Slice of Pai: From Amsterdam to Dusseldorf

Once a month our #hellofriend contributor @SliceOfPai will document a day in her life through beautiful photo essays.

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-19:30 Morning coffee at the hoxton

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-210:45 passing by the canal

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-312:12 perfect car for a beau gosse

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-42:30 afternoon pick me up

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-52:36 Sun beaming into the cafe

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-64:25 A walk in Zollverin, industrial park in Germany

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-75:28 Lost in scale

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-aug-88:15 Best Pasta of my LIFE. Dinner at Trattoria lo Spuntino in Essen, Germany.

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