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So I have a confession. I’ve made this commitment to drink beer, to spend the summer sipping on hoppy, bitter bottles of golden ale, journeying from one lager to the next until I happen upon the one I can call my own. My resolve is strong, my dedication unwavering, I assure you. All that being said, I may have taken a slight detour….

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Didn’t a wise man once say that one should ease into the water before taking the plunge? That sounds like something a wise man would say, and if one hasn’t, then I’m saying it now and taking full credit. So when L’Abattoir head bartender Katie Ingram suggested I start my beer journey with a shandy or two, I thought it was the most perfect way to dip my toe into the malted pool.

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Leave it to a bartender to know better than I. On a warm Tuesday afternoon I made my way to the notable Blood Alley establishment and watched as Katie whipped up some beer-filled magic. Not only did I find the entire experience palatable, I actually enjoyed it. They were refreshing, light and effervescent, perfect for the warm summer days fast approaching. The beauty of a beer-based cocktail is two-fold: first,beer cocktails tend to be low-proof which works well for lightweights (such as myself). Second: they are an excellent introduction to beer for beer haters (such as myself). Katie was kind enough to share the recipes for these beer-based libations so you can try them for yourself.

Let us not forget our mission though, my friends. This summer is the summer of beer and in this I shall not fail. As my first encounter featured two bottles from 33 Acres, I figured this would be the perfect first stop on my journey. Next time I try my very first Irish stout and learn the true meaning of IBU. Wish me luck and, as always, cheers!


Verre de Soleil

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30ml Pimm’s No. 1
15ml Lime Juice
15ml Grapefruit Juice
15ml Honey Syrup
15ml Verjus Blanc
1 Splash Raspberry Puree (or 3-4 muddled fresh raspberries)
1 Bottle 33 Acres Sunshine

Stir first 6 ingredients over ice. Strain into a collins glass filled with fresh ice and top with 33 Acres Sunshine beer. Garnish with a lemon slice and a mint sprig.

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Castles Made of Sand

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30ml Campari
20ml Grapefruit Juice
15ml Honey Syrup
15ml Verjus Blanc
1 Bottle 33 Acres Ocean

Stir ingredients over ice. Strain into a collins glass over fresh ice and top with 33 Acres Sunshine beer. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

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