Say Hello to My Friends!

Sharing perspectives from cool people I know

It’s a fact, I’m surrounded by cool people. Those whom I have the privilege to call my friends are passionate, opinionated, funny, they have great taste, do cool things and live full lives. They push my boundaries, teach me, make me laugh and certainly make me think, again and again.

So when the task of creating a new website tumbled around in my head (for over a year actually), I asked myself what I passionately wanted to say and which kinds of stories I felt were worthy to put out into the world, and then I remembered my
friends. They’ve told me stories of bravery and compassion, opened my mind to new music and challenged my assumptions. I saw the world in unique ways through their eyes, and best of all they inspire me to see my own world from new perspectives.

So I thought I would take a page from their book and do as “good friends” do, I’m sharing. Hello Friend is a series in which each friend contributor will share their perspectives with you each week, in hopes that through their eyes, you’ll be as inspired, entertained and challenged as I have been by them. Say Hello to My Friends!


Meet my friends.

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