After running a thriving design firm for several years, Jackie closed her company and set off to Paris to pursue her life-long love of baking.

She studied at Paris’ École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil, returning to her home city of Vancouver in 2012 to open Beaucoup Bakery & Café. Combining the comforting North American baking she grew up with, her Asian heritage and the delicate art of French pastry making, Beaucoup was an immediate success and continues to impress visitors from around the world.

A lifestyle entrepreneur at heart, Jackie has taken her enthusiasm for design, culinary arts, writing and education, and turned her talents to a number of other projects. She leads intimate groups on trips to the very best Parisian pâtisseries and chocolate shops through The Paris Tours, sharing her inspiration for Beaucoup Bakery. With a serious interest in food, fashion and travel, Jackie covers a variety of lifestyle topics that have been published in several print and online outlets. Her writing has been featured in Flavours Magazine, Vitamin Daily and Anthology Magazine, and she is a regular contributor to The Vancouver Sun and

Jackie has been named one of Western Living magazine’s Top Foodies Under 40, the Emerging Culinary Artist of the Year at the Mayor’s Arts Awards, a culinary council member for Whole Foods Market, and her croissants have been cited as the city’s best in publications such as Vancouver Magazine. Jackie has been featured in newspapers and publications across North America as well as being a regularly featured guest on CTV’s Morning Live news show, sharing her approachable attitude towards baking and desserts, and the best that Vancouver’s culinary scene offers.

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