A day in the life of Slice of Pai: Morocco

Once a month our newest #hellofriend contributor will document a day in her life through beautiful photo essays. Her first post, a day in the life in Morocco.

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-1-17:21am – Waking up in Dar Roumana

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-2-110:04 – Eddit the riad tortoise 

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-3-110:26 – Donkey garbage truck 

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-4-110:55 – Talking to chickpea seller

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-5-11:12pm – Lunch at the ruined garden

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-6-13:17 – Watching people at work at the tannery 

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-7-15:15 – Afternoon tea at the riad

Joann pai - JKE-Hellofriend-joannpai-fes-8-17:48 – Sunset over Fes 

Joann’s Bio.


About the Hello Friend series. 

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